Well THAT'S no good…

I hope you were able to tune in last Wednesday for our big lineup announcement, live on JAZZ.FM91. It was a great event - lots of familiar faces, lots of catching up, and a very special performance by Gregory Porter.

As I mentioned last week leading up to the announcement, I'm excited about this year's lineup. And, since the lineup has been released, we've had some very nice feedback from a variety of sources, including the Globe and Mail. Overall, I left the event feeling pleased and looking forward to the final preparations coming over the next two months.

Until about halfway through the drive back to the office when I realized that, despite having made checklists and double-checking my notes, I forgot to mention A WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES.

My brain started working - "At least the series had already been announced," I said to myself. "Maybe the venue manager wasn't even there."

He was there. I don't know if he noticed the omission, but the fact that he was in the room when I neglected to say one of the things I was specifically there to say burned into my conscience.

And so, today, I fall on my sword somewhat and admit my mistake. Here is the series which should have been, but was not, included in last week's announcement. Three concerts, all at Koerner Hall:

Tuesday, June 24, 8 pm - Hiromi: The Trio Project
Wednesday, June 25, 8 pm - Buika
Thursday, June 26, 8 pm - Measha Brueggergosman


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