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Welcome, 2014

Happy new year! I hope you all were able to find a bit of time over the holidays for a break, a few deep breaths, and some reinvigoration. After a wonderful eight days in Saskatchewan, I was ready to go for the New Year.

The comedian and the trumpet player

What, possibly, could Nicholas Payton and Louis C.K. have in common?

The TDJ Special Projects are back!

I admit to being a bit distracted today due to at the city level, along with an impending deadline for a substantial grant application. So I've run out of time for a blog post of much substance. But hey - this is pretty neat-o:

How to win at crowdfunding

One piece of advice I've held onto - through various fundraising seminars and reading material - is that the pitch needs to be passionate. So whether it's snail mail, email, crowdsourcing or in-person, it's vital to speak passionately about the project. Without passion, what is the hook? Why would someone sign on?

Natural Selection

Right around now is when I start listening to submissions in earnest...and I thought I would share my thoughts on this part of the process.


This is nothing new, and shouldn't be a surprise. But it kinda hurt. There was some pretty great music happening on stage - especially Sunday night - being performed by seasoned professionals. And people didn't want to pay $9 to hear it.

What's the deal with demographics?

For the sake of argument, I'm going to make some sweeping generalizations today. Here we go…

This one time…at the jazz festival…

It's a bit hard to believe, but the 2013 TD Toronto Jazz Festival wrapped up nearly one month ago. Over the past several weeks, I've enjoyed some downtime, and have had a chance to process various aspects of this year's festival. We had our official internal post-festival review last week, and it helped to distill some of my thoughts even further. There is lots to discuss…so rather than tackle it all in one post, I'll start today with two topics.

That's a wrap! (Sort of…)

We had some pretty fantastic music on our stages yesterday to wrap up the official part of the 2013 TD Toronto Jazz Festival. There are still a few acts today and tomorrow - the list is below. Here's my recap of Saturday's activity:

Wait, what?!

How can it be the last official day of the 2013 TD Toronto Jazz Festival? I mean, I guess it makes sense - it's Saturday, I'm exhausted, my ears are full of great music, and Canada Day is right around the corner. But still - already? Well, here's my report on the second last day…


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