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On composing

Last night's show was the second of four Special Projects presentations, and what has stuck out for me about both (Amanda Tosoff's show was a few weeks back) is the quality of the original compositions featured in the shows.

AVATAAR'S "Petal" CD Release

The moving target

Every once in a while, when standing in front of my big band, and especially after someone within the band has made some smart-alec remark, I'll ask the audience - "Anyone want to run a big band?" It's always in jest, of course...

Here we go!

A bit ironic, I suppose, that for my first post in many months, I’m going to talk about a project called Words since, you know, I haven’t written many here recently…

I need closure!

Is perhaps what you've been saying to yourself this past week, waiting impatiently for my final festival post. (Also possible: I'm giving the impact this blog has on your daily life far too much credit.) Well wait no longer - here it is!

Wait for it…

And suddenly, it's kind of the last day of the festival. Most of our official programming wraps up today. We'll be celebrating our volunteers at a party tomorrow evening, we've got Jamie Culllum on Monday night, and there's still a plethora of music in the clubs, but for the hub of the festival (Nathan Phillips Square) today marks the end of activity. It's been an incredible week - excellent music, great turnout overall, and a lot of fun.

Around the world in jazz

Looking back at the last 24 hours I realize it's been a sort of "around the world" musical adventure, with a variety of cultures and countries represented.

Musical contrasts

If jazz - and all its various kinds - can be represented by a rainbow, all of the colours were on display last night…

(Hey. Gimme a break. Opening lines are hard.)

Emerging, established, outstanding

As the days get busier, these posts might get shorter. Whether that's good news or bad I'll leave to you to decide…

Nice weather if you're a windmill

Let's skip right over the weak attempt at humour contained in the title of this post and get to today's festival activity recap…


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