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How to write the best music ever (apparently)

So I spent some time today looking at lists of the worst pop songs of all time. (Never you mind why.) And I discovered this:

Talking about music

Over the past few weeks, I had the privilege of sitting opposite four outstanding local musicians in the Radio Regent studio to record the Artistic Director's Guide to Jazz - Live! Over four sessions, we chatted about 16 of the musicians performing at this year's festival - singers, guitarists, solo performers and R&B acts - but we also got into some of the fundamentals and philosophies behind music-making. Each of the conversations was fascinating in its own way.

Well THAT'S no good…

Overall, I left the event feeling pleased and looking forward to the final preparations coming over the next two months. Until about halfway through the drive back to the office...


And suddenly, it's time to reveal our 2014 lineup!

What a week!

Today I'm writing about where I'll be on Thursday night - and that's the Jazz Bistro, joining the CD release celebration for Beverly Taft meets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra, the last in the latest round of TDJ Special Projects.

The cost of doing business

Postage, duplication, office supplies - these are unavoidable costs for independent musicians. The requirement to do this sort of self-promotion, although not a surprise, necessitates a bizarre kind of math.

Here come The Heavyweights...

This Thursday, March 6, we're pleased to support The Heavyweights Brass Band's CD release concert at Lula Lounge as part of our TDJ Special Projects initiative.

The Israeli Jazz Showcase

We're in for a treat next Thursday, March 6, when the Israeli Jazz Showcase takes the stage at The Rex Hotel.

The TDJ Special Projects are here!

It's my pleasure to write today about the first TDJ Special Projects presentation of 2014 - the Nancy Walker Quintet CD release, February 27 at Gallery 345.

JUNOs, censorship and more

I'm a bit late with these remarks (more on that in a moment), but I'd like to take a minute to congratulate all of this year's JUNO nominees, and especially those in the three jazz categories (with honourable mention to my Ottawa Jazz Festival counterpart Petr Cancura for his nomination in the Instrumental Album of the Year category).


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