Spectrum presents Coding Chaos

TD Discovery Series Special Projects
Thu May 2 8:00pm
Ticket Price: 
$30 adult / $20 student
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Tickets available at the door

Where will we be when what we create can create us? Technology continues to grow at an exponential rate as we discover new ways to improve our everyday lives - but at what point do we lose ourselves to a technology advanced far beyond our control? Spectrum introduces a progressive collaboration of Artificial Intelligence in performance with an electric trio featuring Bruce Cassidy (EVI), Larnell Lewis (electric drums), and Adrean Farrugia (keys), to push the boundaries of the digital experience in music. A pre-concert chat with software artist Ryan Kelln will discuss AI’s stance in our society presently and going forward. In a digital world where technology constantly blurs the lines between fact and fabrication, the Spectrum composers ask: will we lose our sense of identity and grasp on reality - or will technology give us room to grow?

A TD Discovery Series Special Project

Spectrum Music is a collective of new-generation Canadian composers and music curators who create and present genre-defying new music that fuses many genres (jazz and creative music, classical and contemporary music, world music, and pop/folk music). We do this through themed concerts, to explore points where art music collides with the real world. Rooted in jazz and creative music, the core of our philosophy has grown from the idea that the future of jazz music lies in its synthesis with other genres. Since our formation in 2010, Spectrum has expanded to include composers and performers from a diverse array of musical backgrounds and communities.

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