Pat LaCroix & Ted O'Reilly release photo collection of local jazz greats

Congratulations to Pat LaCroix and Ted O'Reilly on the publication of a exquisite collection of photos of local jazz luminaries with expert commentary by Ted O'Reilly. Toronto Jazz Treasures was the brainchild of Pat's late wife Naomi Patricia. She conceived it, named it and brought it to life. It is a celebration of the fantastic Jazz musicians who live, perform and teach the beautiful art of Jazz music in Toronto. The book consists of 100 black and white portraits Pat made of these musicians and the histories of their careers, beautifully written by Ted O'Reilly. Pat writes, "This collection just scratched the surface of the huge number of Toronto's world class Jazz players but we had to cut it off at a manageable number. The total cost of printing the book was donated by several companies and individuals and everyone who worked on the book worked pro bono. Thanks to these generous people, all the sales of the book will be donated to two charities. They are The Ken Page Memorial Trust a charity in aid of musicians, and Neshama a new palliative care hospice being started by Dr. Sandy Buchman."

The book can be purchased online for $60 dollars and $15 delivery fee at

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